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This is only a guide of some of the most commonly used gemstone & semi precious stones, there mystical symbolism, healing properties & spiritual meanings.

Gemstone Meanings & Uses

Amazonite stones are similar to jade being associated with luck and success encouraging luck & fortune. Amazonite is also know to have a very soothing effect.

Uses: Stress Relief, Anxiety, Hope, Meditation, Love & Wisdom

Agate are earth stones, gentle, nourishing & strengthening.

Uses: Grounding, Nurturing, Health

Green Tourmaline is a soothing & stabilizing stone boosting spiritual courage & vitality

Uses: Balance, Positive Energy, Vitality

Howlite is calming, let go of stress to embrace & enjoy life

Uses: Anger, Stress Relief, Letting go, Meditation & Relaxation

Jasper are known to have grounding & stabilizing effect. Connecting the wearer to Earth energy.

Uses: Patience, Stability, Grounding, Nurturing

Larimar promotes calmness & empowers one to speak directly from the heart.

Uses: Peace, Tranquility, Clear Communication, Confidence

Moon Stone is a stone of feminine power & mystery. Enhancing intuition, encouraging wisdom & Patience

Uses: Empowerment, Wisdom, Meditation

Rose Quartz is the classic stone of love. It has a melting effect on mistrust & suspicion and reawakens the heart chakra to love.

Uses: Positive Energy, Hope, Joy, Self-Love, Healing

Onyx is a grounding stone which can help you stay focused and on course.

Uses: Grounding, Purpose, Vitality

Tiger Eye Is a centering and calming stone, strengthening the first 3 chakras which respond to grounding, creativity and willpower. Tiger eye is the perfect stone to carry or wear everyday.

Uses: Vitality, Anxiety, Stress, Clarity, Focus, Hope, Luck, Wisdom, Balance, Grounding

Tourmaline Carries a frequency of natural joy & beauty

Uses: Anxiety, Depression & Joy

Turquoise Like most blue gemstones Turquoise activates & balances the throat chakra the center of speech and self expression.

Uses: Balance, Communication, Anxiety, Nurturing, Self-Love, Vitality, Wisdom

Zircon is an energy stimulating stone that can help wake up the chakra.

Uses: Grounding, Vitality

You can use your gemstones for healing by doing the following:

  1. Wear it as jewelry or in your pocket for ongoing support.

  2. Place it in your environment, your favorite crystals healing power will diffuse into the room. Larger crystals can be used creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  3. Meditate with your stones by simply holding your stone in your dominant hand while you meditate.

This is only a guide is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. The information we provide is not intended to represent or replace the advice of a medical professional.

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