Since our first day in business, Loops & Stones & BottledUP Aromatherapy had one goal in mind: providing high quality handcrafted Pure Essential Oil Products & one of a kind beaded & diffuser jewelry. We only use the highest and best quality essential oils and gemstones to make our product.

Offering a wide array of Pure Essential Oil and aromatherapy products & beautifully handcrafted jewelry.

I personally test and use all my products and can and truly say they've made a difference in mine & my families daily routines.

Check it out and start shopping today!

Why Essential Oils?


Essential Oils have many benefits, scents have a very powerful stimuli that trigger emotional responses.  Essential oils can leave you feeling energized, happy, relaxed.  By adding oils like we have to our Essential oil Mists/Sprays can create a positive atmosphere in your work space, office or car!

Aromatherapy oils like our Essential Oil Rollies are derived from plants to enhance ones well-being.  They have many benefits and uses which can help aid in reducing anxiety & stresses,  just to name a few.

All our products are 100% pure & naturally handcrafted in the USA.  Our products are also cruelty free and not tested on animals. 




Palm Trees



I am the owner behind Loops & Stones located in the Sunshine State of Florida.

When I became a mom to my beautiful twin boys in 2017 I wanted to leave the corporate world and focus on raising my family, so I decided to rekindle my love & passion which always has been Art, painting and creating new things.  I was always very artistic so I tried a variety of different projects until I finally came to the art of handcrafting jewelry.  I love to create new and exciting designs as you will see in all my collections.

I love all my designs and one of a kind jewelry pieces & I hope you will too!

Also, check my live events page where you can meet me at local markets in the Tampa bay area.

 - Diana, Founder/Designer