About us

I started Loops & Stones in 2021, and since my first day I wanted to ensure I brought a diverse selection of semi-precious gemstone jewelry for anyone looking for unique and one of a kind accessories. I also wanted to give back to the community so I reached out to Local non-profits and together we designed custom jewelry pieces which are now a main part of my Awareness Collections.


"Dainty Paws"then evolved from my love for animals, I mean really, why should we be the only ones being pampered? Why not our fur babies?   So I created these fantastic Pet Necklaces that are easy to wear, our fur babies can wear them everyday with there existing collar or harness, and if they love to play at the beach, or at the dog park they can as they do not hinder their daily routines! They look super cute on and so easy to wear.

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All products are handcrafted in the USA